Fifth Avenue Illusion

Being born in Michigan, I grew up a Red Wings fan.  But despite that, Luc Robitaille was always my hero.  Every time I strapped on the skates, I wanted to be #20 for the LA Kings.  At my dad’s house back in MI, I have a vintage (we’re talking the purple and yellow) Luc jersey that my parents got me on my one and only trip to California in 1993.  I actually met Luc on that trip, and to this day it remains one of the highlights of my life.  He was so nice and so genuine, took time out of his day to stand and talk to a random kid from Michigan for a good 10 minutes.  On the street no less, my parents went stalking so I could have this moment, haha.

In 2001, it was a serious dream come true for me when Luc signed with the Red Wings.  My hero playing on my team, as a hockey fan I could not have asked for anything better.  At least not until June 2002, when I finally got to see Luc raise the Stanley Cup on my team.  It was an unbelievable feeling that still gives me chills to this day.

But as amazing as that was for me, it never was completely right.  Luc is an LA King, through and through.  No matter what other jersey he put on through his career, his soul was still purple & yellow/black & white/purple & silver/some random blue & silver in the one year.  I knew that even though the 02 Cup was amazing for him, the only one he’d win as a player, it still was never going to be as special as it would be to lift the Cup as a King.

So last night, for me, seeing him raise the Cup on LA ice, was beyond compare.  It might not be with skates on and a #20 on his back, but it’s still so special, because I know this is something he’s always wanted, and something I always wanted for him.

The Championship banner is going to look pretty fucking sweet with the #20 hanging from the rafters behind it.